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Answer your soul's call to come back to the goddess.
Follow her torches.
Claim her keys of magick, medicine and mystery.

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Upcoming Events Included with Membership:
Full Moon Lodge: The Power of the Crossroads (November 29)
Winter Solstice Circle: Cave of The Cailleach Ritual (December 20)
Wheel of the Year Workshop (December 29)

Bestselling author of Keeping Her Keys, Dr. Cyndi Brannen has created Covina as a soul school at the crossroads of psychology, spirituality and traditional wisdom.

This is the home of the official Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft Study Group. Go deeper into the teachings with tutorials, events and so much more.

If you have any questions about this network, or if you are in need of a scholarship, please email info@keepingherkeys.com

Membership Includes 

The Commons: connect, share and learn.

General membership includes access to the Keys of Hekate self-directed courses, including:

Aevitas: The Wheel of the Year
Anassa: The Goddess Hekate
Animara: Journeys, Meditations and Rituals
Deae: The Many Faces of the Goddess
Magikeia: Sacred Creativity
Medela: Healing Mind, Body and Soul
Psychologika: Soul, Self and Shadow
Pharmakeia: Plant Spirit Medicine
Sibylika: Astrology, Tarot and Divination
Spirita: Archetypes, Dreams, Spirits

New lessons, articles and more every week.

Become an initiated member of the Coven of Hekate through the Nyssa Ceremony.

Dr. Cyndi is supported by staff and volunteer priestesses who coach, create content and assist with live events.

EXCLUSIVE LIVE EVENTS: Wheel of the Year Rituals, journeys, meditations, workshops, guests and more.

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