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I created Keeping Her Keys as a safe and supportive network for seekers of the deeper world to learn and connect. We dance around our soul fire, sharing our stories and remembering our wildness through true magic and fierce love.

Keeping Her Keys offers you the keys of the deeper world that lives within your soul through content, courses and events.

This is the home of the official Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft Study Group. Go deeper into the teachings with tutorials, events and so much more.

If you have any questions about this network, please email info@keepingherkeys.com

Deepest Blessings,

Cyndi Brannen, PhD

Author, Teacher and Healer

Membership Includes 

The Commons: connect, share and learn.

Foundations Courses: Guides, audios and videos. 

Current courses included with membership: Wheel of the Year, Hekate's Magic, Medicine and Mystery, Botanical Witchcraft and Spiritual Awakening.

New lessons, articles and more every week.

Daily dose of spiritual witchcraft.

EXCLUSIVE LIVE EVENTS: Wheel of the Year Rituals, journeys, meditations, workshops, guests and more.

The Keeping Her Keys Book Study Group

Rituals of the Sacred Cave: Walk the Wheel of the Year from release to retrieval and then rebirth though DIY classes, online live events, articles and more.


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