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I created Keeping Her Keys as a safe place for seekers of the deeper world to learn and connect. We dance around our soul fire, sharing our stories and remembering our wildness through true magic and fierce love.

Cyndi Brannen, PhD

Author, Teacher and Healer

Membership Includes 

The Commons: connect, share and learn.

CLASSES: Guides, audios and videos. New one every month. 

EXCLUSIVE LIVE EVENTS: Wheel of the Year Rituals, Journeys, Meditations, Teaching, Expert Panelists, Oracles and more.

Mentorship by fabulous writers, healers and teachers.

The Keeping Her Keys Book Study Group: The community of folks working through Dr. Brannen's book, Keeping Her Keys

Book of Shadows: spells, rituals, techniques and more

Soul Sessions: Circles for awakening your purpose

Rituals of the Sacred Cave: Walk the Wheel of the Year from release to retrieval and then rebirth though DIY classes, online live events, articles and more.

Lunar Lodges: Seasonal deep dives into the mysteries of Mother Moon.

We offer two different membership plans. 



Master Courses

Take these master courses when you are ready to stand in your sacred power.

Dr. Brannen has developed two intensive programs of spiritual empowerment through traditional practices and modern personal development strategies.

Read more about Dr. Brannen's own journey from shattered to whole.

The Sacred Seven 

The Journey Through Healing To Wholeness

Are you ready to unleash your inner witch?

The Sacred Seven is a course of remembering the sacred wild one within through monthly lessons, live classes and more.

Spiritual witchcraft for reconnecting to your truth and the universal forces of The Goddess through personal development strategies, spiritual teachings, and magical practices.

Self-directed course supported by Dr. Brannen and her staff, with two monthly live gatherings.

Suitable for anyone awakening to the sacred.

Download Awakening: The Book of Structure for a detailed description of The Sacred Seven and ways to unleash your inner witch.

One time payment of $299.99

Includes all the course content as downloadable documents, one year membership in The Sacred Seven, and one year membership in Keeping Her Keys.

Seven monthly payments of $49.99

Awakening: The Book of Structure

FREE preview class.

Learn all about The Sacred Seven.

Go deep into what spiritual witchcraft is: meditation, trance, connecting with the world of spirits.

Learn about The Witches' Hour of Power

Includes tips for daily practices for awakening your inner witch.

Methods for cleansing and activating magical objects.

Download Awakening: The Book of Structure for a detailed description of The Sacred Seven and ways to unleash your inner witch.

Introduction: The Book of Beginning

This introduction features in-depth explorations of spiritual programming and spiritual upgrades. All to get you ready for the transformation coming your way.

You’ll begin your practice of The Sacred Seven Meditation.

The Ritual Nyssa is the major working of the introduction. It is a commitment ritual to your journey with The Sacred Seven and your own sacredness.

When beginning any new endeavour, it is necessary to banish the profane from our lives. You’ll learn the power of The Khernips Ritual to accomplish this.

Creating a Sacred Seven altar, a potent energy grid of connecting to the sacred within and the universal flow.

Lesson 1: The Book of Healing

We begin at the beginning. Healing is necessary before we progress towards manifesting our purposeful, true life. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the power of acceptance (which is not approval) of the past, release the grip of shame, and experience a transformative healing ritual bath.

The foundational practices of botanical witchcraft, including preparing infusions and incense are taught through the medicine of ginger and yarrow.

Methods of effective grounding are presented, along with the method for establishing a Stone Spirit Ally.

The magickal technique is removal witchery.

Lesson 2: The Book of Boundaries

This is THE lesson about relationships. I’ve got to be honest here; this lesson is powerful. You’ll go in deep about boundaries, which are your personal magic circle. Our witches’ journey is often marked by shapeshifting into what others’ find acceptable, and we are frequently targets of their harmful ways. This is a deep lesson.

Learn how to cast a powerful energetic container in which you can truly work the witchcraft, including one of students’ all-time favorites, the cord cleansing ritual.

You’ll also reconnect to the natural forces through the fun of the wand quest. Use your intuition to find the perfectly magickal stick or stang.

Lesson 3: The Book of Sovereignty

Removing and repairing are behind us (at least for now). It’s time to stand in your power. Sovereignty is about claiming your rightful power. Taking up space and speaking your truth.

The Book of Sovereignty has you delving into what sovereignty means to you through contemplation and witchcrafting of a sigil and oil. The Sovereignty Ritual will have you feeling regal.

Lesson 4: The Book of Fire

Fire destroys, but it also creates. All life requires the sparks of friction to ignite. Fire nourishes. The creative energy of fire is experienced through the Spell of the Seven Flames. Go deeper into the power using a blade for fire scrying, revealing how your spell will manifest.

All spells are a spiral of growth, spinning ever larger and wider until they are manifested. Our witches’ mind requires a similar energy. Learn how to expand your mind through the power of growth as you create this wonderful spell.

What will you manifest through the power of this spell?

Lesson 5: Book of Infinity

The Sacred Seven begins with our Under World healing work, ascends to the Middle Self for sovereignty and growth. Now we begin the climb into the heights of the thoughtful and mystical Higher Self.

The Book of Infinity delves into connection. Without having established our boundaries in Lesson 2, stretching out to attune to the world of spirits can lead to spiritual bypassing. This occurs when our filters aren’t set in a way of keeping the harmful out and letting the right ones in. Appropriate vulnerability and openness are the keys to powerful witchcraft, and how to live a life that has deep meaning.

Our psychic abilities are expanded through the mystery of mugwort, that opens the way for a truly mystical journey through the Other Worlds with Goat as our guide.

Lesson 6: Book of Abundance

Our Great Work in this incarnation is to create a Magickal Life. What exactly is that? By this point in The Sacred Seven you’ll know what this is because you’ll have done all the work required to reveal your purpose. The exercises in this life will further your focus.

Create a vision board as a powerful talisman for that life and journey into the future to see how it manifests.

The secret to manifestation is knowing how to create and cast powerful abundance spells through words of power and correspondences. You’ll be a super spell caster in this lesson.

Lesson 7: The Book of Wholeness

In this last lesson, the spirits of the previous books merge into our souls, creating truth and wholeness. The Rebirth Ritual is your initiation into The Sacred Seven. The power of spiritual alchemy and the ascent to The Starry Road are the deep dives.

A Bit About True Magic

Magic is the general pulse of the unseen world that usually conspires to our benefit. We experience this magic when we hear the call of the Goddess, bear witness to miracles and stand in the majesty of the natural world. True magic is this, but it is also magick, the intentional direction of this pulse through spells and rituals.

Download Awakening: The Book of Structure for a detailed description of The Sacred Seven and ways to unleash your inner witch.

One time payment of $299.99

Includes all the course content as downloadable documents, one year membership in The Sacred Seven, and one year membership in Keeping Her Keys.

Seven monthly payments of $49.99

The Mystai

The Mystai: A Master Class is the intensive program for delving into your inner mysteries and those of the Mother Goddess Hekate.

Go deep into the majesty, magick and mystery of the Ancient Goddess Hekate. Learn the secrets of her witches passed down through time through this Master Class.
Journey at your own pace through the magick and mystery of Hekatean Witchcraft.

Download Awakening The Mystai: The Book of Structure, the complete course description.

Course includes:
- The 13 Books of the Red Key (a new one each month)
- TWO live seminars every month
- Over 50 hours of audio and video classes
- Mentorship with initiated members of The Mystai
- Monthly live rituals and events
- Monthly botanical monographs
- FULL membership in Keeping Her Keys, giving you access to dozens of mini-classes, events, the Keeping Her Keys book club and more.

Tuition includes 18 months of access to The Mystai course, all course content in downloadable format, + 18 month membership in Keeping Her Keys.

Lesson 1: The Book of Beginnings
Lesson 2: The Book of Keys
Lesson 3: The Book of the Inner Temple
Lesson 4: The Book of Knowledge
Lesson 5: The Book of Names
Lesson 6: The Book of Honor
Lesson 7: The Book of Time
Lesson 8: The Book of  Symbols
Lesson 9: The Book of Magick
Lesson 10: The Book of Botanicals
Lesson 11: The Book of the Crown
Lesson 12: The Book of the Sacred
Lesson 13: The Book of Spells
Initiation: The Book of Mystery

Download Awakening The Mystai: The Book of Structure, the complete course description.

One-time tuition payment of $499.99


12 monthly payments of $49.99

 Bibliotheca Mystica: Each lesson comes with its own exclusive book + monographs of botanicals, techniques and other supplements.  
Each lesson comes with over two hours of audio classes and instructional videos. Monthly live seminars. 
Mentorship program.
Develop the 13 Core Skills of Hekatean Witchcraft: healing, rebirth, transformation, time walking, spirit summoning, honoring Hekate, death walking, soul retrieval, bone throwing, spell casting, remote witchery, astral projection and initiation.
Private classroom community on Mighty Networks  app and platform.
 Harness the power of your Inner Temple
 Journey through Hekate's Cave to the Starry Road and Hekate's Garden
The Holy Darkness
Release Your Inner Witch
Hekatean Soul Retrieval
Rebirth With Hekate's Witches
Create your own Cista Mystica Learn how to craft the Chthonia Incense Practice kairos witchery
Summoning the Hekatean Currents Learn how to throw the bones with Hekatean Cleromancy
Hekatean Sigil Crafting
The Ancient Art of Stoicheia
Candle Magick
Hekatean Taxonomy of Correspondences
Voces Magicae/ Words of Power
Pharmakeia: Plant Spirit Witchery
Embodied Witchcraft
Crafting Hekatean Spells
Animal Spirit Magick 
And much, much more.

One-time tuition payment of $499.99


12 monthly payments of $49.99

We offer two different membership plans. 



Beginner Courses

If you aren’t ready yet for one of my master classes, you may be interested in a class offered by Keeping Her Keys Experience Director Angie Knight-Reiter. Angie is an amazing witch educator whom I've personally mentored for almost two years. She is a Tarot reader, metaphysical educator, and soul coach with a background and training in event planning, project management, and education.

Intuition 101

This six-week course will open up your intuition through written content, exercises, and fabulous group coaching sessions. Your $99.99 payment includes:

Access to a private group online where you can post regularly, interact with other group members and receive support from Angie

Weekly webinars on Wednesday evenings with Angie and the group to learn new meditations and discuss the previous week

Six individual “weekly focus” one-card Tarot readings

Tipsheets and guidance for daily and weekly homework

Access to the Keeping Her Keys' main commons, where you have the opportunity to participate in Institute-wide conversations, events and free classes.


It's not too late to join January's class! Runs from January 15 to February 26.

Includes network access through the end of February

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